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We inspire young women to strive for more,
and demand more from our industry.

We promote the role of women within our industry,
changing women’s attitude to the workplace and
the workplace’s attitude to women.

We are a global network of female professionals,
sharing successes and experiences from across
our industry.

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With CILT’s world class educational platform as a
foundation we make change real, combining 21st
Century teaching with 21st Century attitudes.

We aim to create a diversified industry, an equal
society and a world where the workplace is open
to all without prejudice.

We have the vision, the resolve and the capability.
We make change real, turning ideas into actions
and ensuring a better tomorrow starts today.


Our Mission

To promote the status of
women in logistics and transport,
to bring together those who
support talent and career
development of women and to
provide a support network and
mentoring opportunities for
women in the sector.


Our Vision

To be the most sought after
for advocacy, professionalism
and empowerment of women
in supply chain, logistics
and transport.


Our Logo

The WiLAT logo and pin were
designed by Dorothy Chan and
WiLAT supporters in Hong Kong.
The initial letter of ‘W’ for women
is replicated as a flying bird to
signify that women are flexible,
industrious, holistic, strategic
and elegant. Birds are usually
gregarious and work in teams
which is also a core value in the
logistics and transport world.

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Dear Friends,


As WiLAT Turkey Chairperson, I feel thrilled and honoured to have launched WiLAT Turkey together with 11 esteemed and powerful women from our sector.


As leading female members of the male-dominated logistics and transport ecosystem, we truly know the challenges of being a woman, but we also know that success is possible despite all the hardships.


As WiLAT Turkey family, our goal is to show the new generation that it is possible for them, too.


Our efforts as a team will be dedicated to empowering women and achieving gender equality in our sector. Having adopted the WiLAT Global values and principles, we will support, motivate, and encourage young professionals and aspiring young women so that they feel empowered to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.


I truly believe that WiLAT Turkey will quickly become the leading organization regarding women’s issues in our sector, because we have a wonderful team of 12 women and a strong WiLAT Global network and presence around us.


We are stronger together!





Chairperson WiLAT Turkey

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We thank you

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